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Welcome to Red Lips White Coat, my personal blog.

I am Dr. Elizabeth Lee Mizelle, a full-time physician, and part-time blogger.  I spend most of my days caring for my patients. My off duty hours are spent indulging in many random musings that bring me more creative fulfillment.  Traditionally, medicine has put doctors in a box where it has been expected that we devote every ounce of our being to the practice of medicine and in turn, sacrifice the more artistic, social, and flamboyant desires in our lives.  Well, as it turns out, I am a better physician when I am expressing myself creatively both at work and in my personal time.  I love celebrating life in all ways from over-the-top parties in Abu Dhabi to quiet self-care practices in my bathroom.  I’m quite shy at first, but I light up when I’m in good company.  I prefer my home to be neutral, but I can’t get enough of animal print dresses.   I’m sometimes a minimalist, but always doing most.  This self awareness and personal acceptance is where the name Red Lips White Coat come from. 

This blog was started in 2015 to chronicle my global escapades and pretty clothes with friends and family.  Over time, and with the advent of social media, it has become the space where I can inspire not just friends and family, but also patients, and people all over the world to live more exciting, well balanced, healthy lives through both my personal experiences and professional expertise.   The world has changed, and doctors do way more than just practicing medicine.  We start businesses, model fashion, act in movies, and more.

Aside from my blog, I provide health care and medical education at my medical practice, Meditique, in Houston, TX.  Click here to learn more about my practice.  Patient advocacy is something I strongly promote through my participation in local events, workshops, and lectures.   None of what’s in my blog should be taken as actual medical advice, but rather read for entertainment and accepted as my personal opinion.  For medical advice please schedule an appointment with me or contact your physician.

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