3 Ways You Can Rock 2021 No Matter What Comes Your Way!

3 Ways You Can Rock 2021 No Matter What Comes Your Way!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we cannot control the future. The Overused Word of the Year Award goes to…”unprecedented”! Yes, how many times a day did we hear commentators, journalists, commercials, company CEO’s, pastors, principals, and presidents say this word? Well, it was indeed a year that never ceased to astound us from one day to the next with unimaginable changes to life as we knew it. It was the great equalizer of my lifetime leaving even those with the means to anything, helpless and begging for the return of normalcy. So Now that 2020 is behind us, there are still many people jaded with the idea of planning for the future. Will we get to travel again in 2021? Will we get to be mask-less and see our friends smiling faces? Will our loved ones be safe from illness this year? Will our business survive another cycle? Many of us feel so vulnerable right now, and the idea of making new year’s resolutions seems futile at this point. But God is not dead. He encourages us to stay strong knowing that in due season we shall reap a harvest if we faint not. So instead of offering resolutions to kick your new year into high gear, I am offering 3 ways to create an amazing year no matter what may come at us. We can neither control nor predict what happens in 2021, but we have the ability to adjust our mindset and create an unshakeable confidence in our security that all is not lost. Read below for 3 ways to achieve peace, happiness, health, focus, beauty, and success in 2021.

The Olde Pink House in Savannah, GA
Brunch with my Love at The Olde Pink House was such a special treat.
  1. Cultivate your prayer life. This goes for both the avid Bible studier and the good-hearted procrastinator that has been meaning to pray more. It is without question that a life focused on following God’s word leaves absolutely no room for failure. He provides perfect peace and guides all of our steps so that the future is not something we need to worry about. No matter where we are in our faith walk, we could all stand to grow closer to God. Here are a few ways to cultivate a more Christ-lead year: listening to an audio Bible or Bible Study on the way to work and home, Bible journaling with creative color pencils and crafts, singing praises to Him every day, Giving your first minutes of every morning to devotion through prayer or reading the Word, Reflecting and journaling on your daily challenges and blessings, and lastly, sharing your good news about God with friends and family. I purchased a new study Bible with lots of colors and pictures, a fancy bookmark, and highlighters to get me excited about reading the Bible daily.
A house tour at The Olde Pink House

2. Eat to live. I know it sounds cool to call yourself a “Foodie”, but just be sure you are a ‘consciously consuming foodie’. Oh, and take your vitamins! This sounds like the obvious response coming from a doctor, but seriously, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, people! Not only will taking the right vitamins boost your immune system to fight off super bugs like Covid19, the flu, and pesky colds, but having the necessary cellular army and building blocks fully stocked and loaded will keep you more energetic, happier, and looking better. Which brand should you buy? I get this question all the time in practice. I honestly do not know. I suppose the ones in the fancy, high-priced grocery and health stores have claims to less additives and higher rates of absorbency. What I do know is that eating a well balanced, organic, mostly plant focused diet will get you all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to feel great and thrive. You can start by focusing on consuming foods rich in proteins, antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium and water. Avoid foods with excessive sugar and salt content. These tend to cause swelling, elevated blood pressures, headaches, weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, and wrinkles.

Oh, I did not say this was going to be easy. I said this was going to help you rock the new year. Put that cocktail down, girl. Pick up that water bottle. Save the chips and salsa for Saturday and grab a green juice instead. We want clear skin, energy and good vibes. I for one have decided to let go of alcohol with the exception of a glass of wine on a celebratory occasion.

The Olde Pink House’s fried chicken and mac & cheese got an A+ from me. But these savory indulgences are reserved for special occasions like holidays.
New Year’s Celebration at the Westin Savannah, Georgia. It was spectacular! My first NYE with my husband who was my bf at the time.

3. Get organized. I know my creatives out there will say they thrive in their organized chaos, but if you you are paying late fees on bills because you can’t find your invoices when the first of the month hits, you need to get organized. Or maybe you have a lot of ideas that will guide your decisions for a new endeavor or creative venture, but you can’t seem to find focus. Often mental clutter is the hindrance in our professional development. I am guilty of mental clutter. It is so hard to close the open tabs in our brain because social media makes FOMO a real anxiety-producing phenomenon in many people these days. Sometimes, though, sifting through our mind, closets, shelves, storages, piles, elucidates what our needs truly are compared to our wants. And then we find the clarity. We may have to make the hard decisions to close the other tabs momentarily in order to make headway on our personal goals.

For the minimal maximalists like me that cannot function with physical clutter and can’t seem to part with the all the files, organize that desk! Sort those papers away. Or what’s more, shred them! Donate clothing and shoes you planned to sell if you cannot see yourself schlepping to the consignment shop or photographing every item of clothing for your Poshmark shop.

This pandemic work-from-home era is the perfect time to get rid of stuff that does not bring you joy. Time is passing at home and you will not feel the loss. What you will feel, is lighter, more clear-headed, inspired, energetic, and more creative.

It was a marvelous new moon a couple of years ago. But we can still proclaim 2021 will be a prosperous and peaceful new year full of God’s favor!

I know these 3 habits will bring you peace, happiness, health, focus, beauty, and success. They require consistency and discipline. I hope you will embrace them and rock 2021. Let me know how you plan to rock 2021 in the comments!


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