So Disrespectful!

So Disrespectful!

so disrespectful cartoon

Wash n No-Go!

So Disrespectful!

Who am I talking about?  I’m referring to my hair.  I spent 15 minutes this morning getting it into the perfect faux-wash-and-go look.  I used my Kinky Curley to tame my edges and dabbed a good amount of Camille Rose’s Fresh Curl Revitalizer to dampened ends.  The latter I haven’t tried before.  I didnt use gel all over today because I have the sniffles and did not want to wash anytime soon.  Anyways, Sometimes things go awry and I end up with a crazy mane (literally, as in “lion-esque”).  But this time, I used reinforcement. So I thought. I wore a headscarf to work.  Yes, a regular ‘ol cotton scarf because a headband just doesn’t hold my hair down the way I feel comfortable.  So I tuck the tail end of the scarf underneath itself to make it look like a very wide headband.

Now I’m new to Houston, but I’m aware that the weather can be super tricky.  Summers are hot and humid, and this Winter has been consistently chilly and dry.  But this morning it was wet and humid, I say in that hindsight.  I had a schedule full of patients and no time to fix things up like I sometimes do.  When I walked down the hall to grab my soup from the breakroom I caught a glimpse of my head in the bathroom mirror. Whoa!  My hair was rising up like Hale Woodruff’s mutiny on the Amistad despite that poor headscarf’s assiduous efforts.  And my curl pattern was virtually undetectable.  So disrespectful!  Didn’t this hair know why I wore the scarf to begin with?  I gave a sigh of defeat and went to heat up my soup. Now, my staff knows better than to say anything to me about my hair because I once told them that I didn’t care if  they thought I was gorgeous at open house with my fresh press, hair looking smoove like buttah.   I liked my curls and they could keep their westernized opinions to themselves.  So that’s probably why no one said anything.  But besides them, my poor patients.  What did they think?  I love my natural hair, but dangit, I believe in professional upkeep.   It’s not my fault, it’s the hair’s fault.  She grew throughout the morning because she has a mind of her own!  I promise I tried to avoid this by applying product which usually does the trick.  Except that I had not tried my faux-wash-and-go with this particular product before.

My lesson – don’t style with products you’ve never tried on a morning before work.

But I still look good though

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  1. March 2, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    Hi, I love your blog. So refreshing to see your perspective.
    Looking forward to more posts.

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