My favorite Wardrobe Item for Transitioning to Spring

My favorite Wardrobe Item for Transitioning to Spring

I have drastically downsized my wardrobe. You can read my blog post on why I started my minimalist journey here.  What remains in my closet are my tested and true pieces.  Those that earn their stay by keeping me looking fabulous and working well with everything else in my closet.  I have a few favorites that will hopefully stay with me forever.  Today I want to share with you my must-have clothing item for this time of year. This blog is all about helping busy professionals live a healthy life without sacrificing their fabulosity.  So here’s how you can keep your cool and not catch a cold while trying to look hot.

Somewhere in Vienna, Austria.

Transitioning from one season to the next can be a nightmare for people like me who hate layering. Side note on why I hate layering:  I am more of the simple dressing type.  One piece and done.  If it’s cold I want my shearling; if it’s hot, give me a maxi dress and I’m ready.  I never liked the fuss of coats on top of blazers on top of sweaters on top of shirts swaddled in a blanket scarf with a hat on top.  I’m from New York City so I know how to bundle up when I need to.  But I believe in investing in proper accouterments to suit my lifestyle.  If you live in NYC, polyester-fill coats won’t work.  If you live in Alabama, polyester-fill may work.  When I wear my shearling, I can literally have a cotton tank top underneath in 15-degree weather and feel no hint cold.  I am not exaggerating.  I’ve tried it.  Therefore, I decided that I don’t need to layer.  My dad got me a chocolate hooded shearling in high school and because It’s such good quality, I still rock it 20+ years later.  But the bottom line for me is that layers are bulky and constricting.  Many fashionistas say layering is a great way to be stylish and show off several key pieces.  But why, though?  I can show off one key piece at a time without feeling like a stuffed sausage.  Ok, my side note rant is over.  Thanks for listening.

So my favorite wardrobe item for transitioning between seasons is the leather motorcycle jacket.  It has a classic style and silhouette meaning it will stand the test of fashion time.  It is tough and sexy all at once.  I tend to gravitate towards uber feminine styles, so motorcycle jackets are the perfect leveler for me.  It has the power to impeccably anchor an evening gown without taking away its splendor.  It can elevate a casual look without adding kitschy.   I think of it as my cheat jacket because it will pull together any outfit and win it an A+ when that outfit would otherwise fail miserably.

Budapest Opera House: Dress and shoes from Zara. Vintage purse.

The number two reason I love this jacket for changing seasons is that it keeps you warm when the weather is cool, without having to layer!  Yay!  I’m hot-natured and cannot stand being cold.  We all know that Easter now comes with straggling snow storms all across America.  I cannot be caught outside in a cardigan just because Punxatauney says it’s Spring.  You’ll find me in my Sunday best, topped off with my moto.  And I won’t be in pastels because I hate them.


Budapest Opera House: My motorcycle jacket was the perfect topper to this gorgeous, feminine, airy evening dress and strappy heels.


The number one reason I love this jacket for changing seasons or any season for that matter is that it makes me feel like a boss.  I know I’m already a Bad-a** chick, but even I have my not-so-hot-feeling moments.  My fab-ometer immediately boosts to 100 whenever I put my moto on, no matter what’s underneath.  Who doesn’t need to feel that way every now and then?  Confidence is good for your health.

So if you’ve considered getting a moto jacket, I highly endorse your purchase 🙂  A genuine leather motorcycle jacket will cost you at least $400 (Madewell, Banana Republic) and up from there the more unique.  You can score a great vintage leather jacket on sites like eBay for as little as $30, but its hard to tell how vintage sizes may fit you.  And still, there are so many amazing vegan leather options out there that range from $60-$130 (Zara, Urban Outfitters, Members Only, etc).  Secret Tip: If you are ever in New York City, the best deal for a high-quality genuine leather version can be found on Orchard Street.  You’ll find tons of shops there with signs for leather and fur coats for sale.

All black everything somewhere in Buda.

If you have one already, but don’t wear it, I hope this post inspired you to dust it off and rock it this weekend.  If you’re inspired to purchase one, I’d love to see how you wear yours.  Post your pics on social media and hashtag #redlipswhitecoatinspired #redlipswhitecoatmademedoit.  It’s for a good cause.  #confidenceisgoodforyourhealth

trying on the vegan leather version at Urban Outfitters. Also trying on the Brixton hat, which I purchased! Fire!!!





  1. Indira Edwards
    March 24, 2018 / 7:46 am

    I love this most so much!!

  2. May 14, 2018 / 2:26 am

    Hello Lee, thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful collection. I like the ‘moto jacket’ most. You are looking so pretty in black dress. Keep posting!

  3. June 25, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Wow! First of all, I got to say, you are beautiful! besides that, your outfits are superb! The pictures are great, You are like a photo model. ! I am absolutely loving the shirt dress and earrings. Spring is definitely my favorite season and you can see why! Do you like it too?

  4. April 8, 2019 / 8:35 am

    Hi, Cool discussion. Have you guys watched the movie Blade Runner 2049. The Fashion sense in that movie is Awesome specially the Blade Runner Shearling Coat.

    • June 6, 2019 / 7:19 am

      Yes, i have seen that film long ago. that shearling is fire! thanks for stopping by:)

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