A High Time

A High Time

It’s 8:30am and I’m feeling so spiritually refreshed.  I’m in Greensboro, NC for my annual church convocation.  We’ve already had our morning prayer, worship workout and breakfast.  I was raised in a Pentecostal church and I oftentimes yearn to fellowhip with my fellow Saints of God.  Since I started living in Houstong, i was hard-pressed to find a church home in close proximity, so this convention was not going to be missed.  Plus, it was an opportunity to road trip with my mom and sister

I consider myself very spiritual.  it feels good to believe in something greater than myself, practice my beliefs and have something to stand for.  I am not afraid of being labeled as religious – I am. Thirteen years of Catholic school – I can’t deny it.  But there are so many other reasons why I’m religious.  Every day that I open my eyes, God has bestowed his Grace upon me.  I love him and thank Him for all things.  I am working on myself everyday to be more like Jesus.

Well, I’ll share more about my beliefs later.  It’s time for me to head out for noon-time worship.  We are going to have a high time in the Lord!

Be Blessed!


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