My favorite Place

My favorite Place

My planner is bursting at the seams with all the things I need to get done by this evening.  I always set unrealistic timelines for myself.  Yes, I know this goes against one of the cardinal rules for creating a more organized, productive and successful life as per the top business strategists.  I can’t help it.  I give myself longs lists of things to do on a daily basis.  I enjoy the cerebral process of extracting my thoughts and ideas onto blank paper and then visualizing them in my own handwriting.  I write everything down.  Smartphone apps just won’t cut it.  Throughout the day, I remember something I want to do and add it to my list.  This list can get as long as 25 tasks.  When anything on that task list is not accomplished, I move it over to the following day.  Therefore, my daily “to do” enumerations are usually a full page long.


Today is no exception.  I’m working on a few different business ventures and I need to research many topics. This calls for an excuse to spend the entire day at my favorite place – Barnes and Noble.  Does that make me a nerd.  Well, I think we’ve already established that I was one, so I don’t care what you say at this point.  It’s a wonderful, inspiring store with so many things for me to learn.  Education is my pastime.  (As if medical school was not sufficient.)  I can’t get enough of the self help section, Make your own Sushi-Roll section, then there’s the awesome section on Green smoothies, Blogging for beginners, and my new fave – Christian Living section.  I spend 10 minutes standing infront of the Women’s Interest periodicals rack reading about celebrity gossip and the latest fashion trends, then find myself suddenly thumbing through a Knitting Now magazine only to later find myself with the urge to stop by Michael’s after the bookstore.  Ultimately,  I wind up with a kink in my left arm from carrying so many books and magazines in my basket as I wind my way through every aisle and finally claim a cozy corner seat in the cafe.

I do not drink coffee.  I don’t particularly like it and it gives me the shakes.  Am I the only non-coffee drinker that feels like I must have it when in any Starbucks Café?  sigh.  I order a White Chocolate Mocha with half a shot of espress, soy milk and no whip cream.  How ridiculous is that?  That is the only coffee drink I ever order.  Today is no exception.  And I will likely be up with the shakes until 4am because I can’t handle caffiene to begin with.

Espresso machine squeling, people chatting, baristas yelling – I love the bustle.  It helps me focus on my work.  So I sip my half shot Mocha and start reaading my Peoply Style Watch, so I’m not distracted later.  Then commences my research, emails, notes, etc.  Every few minutes I break to glance at my running task list and check off an entry.  I am sure I don’t have to be this busy.  I make my life this way.  But I like it because my busyness is my business.  And I’m a Boss.


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