Top 5 Tips for Date Night at the Museum

Top 5 Tips for Date Night at the Museum

My honey decided to surprise me on Valentine’s day with a trip to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. I was over the moon because I had recently decided that I would start visiting one museum per month. It was as if he read my mind. So I got ready and made sure to wear something red. It was a lovely day at the museum. We started by traipsing through the Oscar de la Renta Exhibit.

Museums make wonderful date spots because there are tons of built-in conversation starters. From debating if Monet or Manet inspired Van Gogh to insisting that you’re from the Egyptian Pharoah Ramsey’s lineage because you apply your eyeliner the same way, there is something to be said for every piece. Some may bore you yet spark a light in your date. Take notice. There are opportunities to show your personality as well as discovering your date’s.

For those of you who have date night plans for the museum, here are 5 tips to help you enjoy your visit.

1. Wear comfortable shoes. I made the mistake of wearing my “comfy” heels. Let me tell you, that heels and museum do not mix well. There is just something about hard marble and tile floors that do not give your tootsies a fighting chance. Do yourself a favor and prepare a sassy pair of flats so you are not the reason date night comes to an end prematurely.



2. Eat first. It will take you a long while to walk through the museum. You may not even get through the whole collection in one visit. But it is fun to try. In order to avoid hangry mood swings and scaring off your date, feed yourself something light beforehand. Then afterward, dinner will be a nice way to end the evening.

3. Check the museum’s online calendar. You want to see if there is an interesting traveling exhibit currently on display.

4. Keep an open mind when viewing all artistic styles. If an exhibit is not your taste, try to give it at least 60 seconds of your attention. In those seconds, simply say (to yourself or to your date) what the piece looks like to you. State how it makes you feel. And what you think the artist was thinking when they created it. Then you can move on. That’s art appreciation! Look at you! You’re a connoisseur already! Your date will be impressed by your artistic eye. *wink*

5. Remember your camera etiquette. One way to practice camera etiquette is to turn your flash off. It is such a privilege to see world-famous works of art without having to travel to Picasso’s hometown or Monet’s studio. The only way to continue to have this privilege is if we help the preservation efforts. And that means no flash!
Also, try not to block an exhibit from other patrons by taking too long to have your insta-worthy photo taken. One snap and move on. Besides, your date may go along with one photo for memories, but any more than one could give the impression that you are uninterested in your company. Now if the museum is not busy, and your date offers to take your pictures, by all means, marry them! J/K.

Enjoy your date!!!



  1. February 20, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    Thanks for the tips especially the reminder about the shoes. I love going to the museum with my husband and you’re so right about all the conversation starters. Our favorite time though is usually on Saturday mornings, a few hours at the museum, lunch out, and then home for a lazy afternoon.
    It’s made for some very memorable days!

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